zentoFit Tailored Ergonomics Chair

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Back Height:
Seat Size:
Seat Height:
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Introducing a completely fresh approach to buying an office chair. 

zentoFit offers superior menu-driven ergonomics and enhanced comfort at a very affordable price. The range has been designed to deliver ‘best practice’ ergonomics for the benefit of a wide range of users. Generic chairs supplied online are, typically,  are only a good fit for 4 out of 10 people: little wonder why so many office or home workers suffer with back problems.

zentoFit offers 18 ‘Mix & Match’ combinations for backrest and seatpan size, together with a range of posture-enhancing options to help overcome many common back & posture issues that cause pain and discomfort. The quick and simple specification process will, in just a few minutes, help identify your perfect combination of a) chair size and b) options for maximum benefit (a staggering 3,500 combinations are possible!)

Just 4 simple measurements establish the correct sized backrest and seat to create a chair that suits and fits you best! The zentoFit also features an optional articulated neck rest, offering cushioned support for your neck.

There are also two arm rest options: a height-adjustable arm which can be folded back out of the way when not required, and a multi-adjustable (3D) arm that will allow you to adjust both the height of the armrest and the position of the arm pad (forwards, backwards, closer to or further from the body) 

Download the specification sheet to start creating your personal zentoFit chair!

Contact our Customer Service team if you need any further assistance.


  • VE Memory foam seat
  • Seat-slide depth adjustment
  • Inflatable lumbar air cell support
  • Heavy duty asynchronous mechanism
  • 150kg weight limit
  • 5 year warranty


  Small Medium Large
Seat Width (mm) 460 500 520
Seat Depth (mm) 410 - 460 440 - 500 490 - 540
Back Height (mm) 420 - 500 520 - 600 570 - 650


  Standard High

Seat Height (mm)

450 - 550

480 - 620


zentoFit explained:

Assembling your new zentoFit:

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