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We have training modules approved by the IIRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management) and CIEHF (Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors).

All courses address the needs of both the individual and the employer and are available to organisations for in-house delivery. The workshop sessions are delivered by our team of trainers who have extensive experience in the delivery of ergonomics principles and advanced and complex DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments.  

The courses are particularly aimed at self-employed DSE assessors, Health & Safety Managers, Occupational Health professionals, new and aspiring in-house assessors and those who procure or recommend workstation reasonable adjustments. 

In addition to our certified courses, we work with excellent partners to offer a wider training portfolio extending beyond our own specialist knowledge to facilitate other programmes, including the following:

Our portfolio

1 day dse2

   (One Day)

   This course is also CIEHF-approved


assessor half day2

   (Half Day)

   For Health Professionals

postural awareness2

   (One Hour)

Further Health & Wellbeing

Calling all Health Professionals

If you are a Health Professional assessing and treating individuals with musculoskeletal injuries but have limited or no experience of DSE assessments, you might find the half-day course Do you want to be an Assessor especially useful.

IIRSM has now approved five of our training topics relating to:

If you are interested in any of these courses and workshops, check our events page for details

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Advanced DSE Assessor

Two day course for experienced workstation assessors to provide a more in-depth understanding of workstation problem solving and products to address specific individual needs.

human applications

Ergonomics in Practice

Three day course providing delegates with a good understanding of ergonomics in its broadest context and practical workshops to apply what they have learned.

human applications

Wellbeing in the Workplace Masterclass

A half day course exploring workplace pressure which enables delegates to examine, understand and action-plan theories such as Resilience and Mindfulness through the lens of Insights Discovery. This uses a world-class personality model that helps individuals effortlessly relate to the differences that exist in human beings.

the colour works


2-3 hour sessions with a personal trainer to get to grips with assistive technology and productivity software. Packages covered include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Texthelp Read&Write
  • MindView
  • ClaroRead
  • Audio Notetaker
  • ZoomText



For large scale user assessment and training, we offer a portfolio of world-class online tools and e-learning. These address multiple legislatures and languages with a comprehensive range of support services. Topics include DSE, safety, driver education and fleet management, data protection and fire safety.



One hour physio-led education and exercise workshop to prevent back pain. You can also combine this with Speed Physio Sessions: 20 minute, one-to-one consultations with a physiotherapist to discuss aches and pains.


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What our customers say

"Have tried a couple of other mice, looking for a vertical alignment. Some too big, or too small, or too heavy but this is so adaptable with changing angles and thumb position, I thought it would be a good one to try. Have had it a week, and having simply plugged it in (to my Mac), I have have found it really easy to use. I managed to adapt it to my needs with big hands, and need to lift and scroll (for CAD work) - so although the easing of the RSI situation will only be none in the long run (I'm not ready to stop work!), I am well satisfied."

Anonymous on the Contour Unimouse

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