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As you may have heard, part of the Osmond Ergonomics (Osmond) business was sold on August 31st, 2018 to Office Athletes Group (OAG), the Dutch owner of brands including Bakker Elkhuizen. In some quarters, there has been misunderstanding about exactly what has happened so this page clarifies the situation.

The one-off transaction was effectively a purchase of goodwill and involved no asset or personnel transfers.

Osmond has been distributing Bakker Elkhuizen products to office resellers and ergonomics specialists in the UK for many years. To align to its other European operations and to ensure undisrupted post-Brexit support for the UK ergonomics and productivity sector, OAG will now be selling Bakker own-brand and distributed products direct to resellers through its new UK-based subsidiary. Osmond will no longer sell these products to resellers. In addition, under the terms of the sale contract, Osmond will also withdraw certain other competing products from its distribution product list.

Sales to end-users are not affected in any way.

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"It was a great day and I found it really useful. Was expecting to just need a refresher, but learnt a lot of new tips and tricks."

Simon P Garcia of Freedom Ergonomics & Wellbeing on Workplace Postures & Seating and Options for Reasonable Adjustments courses

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