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Frequently travelling by car or working in situations where a good chair is not an option, the use of a portable back support for use on chairs and car seats can prevent or minimise musculoskeletal pain in the longer term. The right lumbar support enables you to adopt good posture by optimising the shape of your chair or car seat. This posture aid relieves stress and prevents pain by providing spinal support for the lower back.  If you do benefit from the use of a supportive chair but find your standard height desk uncomfortably low, cost-effective and easy to install desk risers will allow you to adjust the desk to the correct height. This will be particularly beneficial for the back health of tall users. Above all, remember that regular stretching exercises are even more beneficial, regardless of your working environment. 

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Ark Desk Height Risers

Price from: £13.40 (Ex VAT)

Back & Seat Support

Price from: £18.35 (Ex VAT)

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