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Our responsive approach ensures you achieve the best possible outcome for your budget, your people and your organisation.

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The workplace environment is a major resource for any organisation looking to both attract talent and reinforce their culture. The physical environment influences how people think and behave, as well as impacting their productivity and wellbeing. We apply and share our knowledge and expertise from first contact through to completion, creating a setting that works best for your business and your staff. We can help you create great environments, whether you need a few chairs, desks and storage or a multi-faceted refit with zones and spaces to encourage Activity Based Working.

Project Management

project planning

Once project elements have been agreed, our Team will work with your in-house personnel and other external partners to ensure that the project is delivered to specification, on time and on budget.


Space Planning

space planning

Create the space that will work for you and your people. We can help whether you just need to plan your space more efficiently to fit in extra desks or want to create a whole new workplace environment to improve the way your personnel interact. Our Interior Design partners can carry out site surveys, furniture audits and create 3D visuals so you can contextualise and visualise the outcome.

Choosing the right furniture products can be daunting, even before you start trying to visualise the most suitable colour and fabric.

Showroom Visits

showroom visits

We work with leading showrooms based in Clerkenwell, the London hub where latest designs and trends are showcased.

On request, we organise showroom tours that enable our clients to ‘see, feel and visualise’ furniture. Seeing products ‘in the flesh’ and in context provides ideas and inspiration to help make the right choices for your own project. It is also a great opportunity to catch up with the latest workplace trends.


Acoustic Solutions


The trend toward open plan workplace design brings its challenges. Increased noise levels within the work environment can impact the wellbeing of employees by increasing stress levels and impairing concentration and focus.

There are many strategies that can be employed to reduce noise issues. The smart use of acoustic products can help to absorb, block or cover sound to balance areas in open environments.

We understand the concept of mental and physical wellbeing. We work with reputable Acoustics Consultants and have the tools, products and technology to identify the issues and provide a solution.

After Sales Service

after sales service

Our Customer Service Department is known to go the extra mile and deliver an outstanding after-sales experience. Following our expert delivery and installation process, our Customer Service team will be on call to answer your questions, address any enquiries and ensure your ongoing satisfaction.





What our customers say

"The range of height adjustments available provides a flexible option for shorter and taller users alike and makes it a longer-term proposition . Very quick and simple to adjust this is ideal when the workspace needs to be used by a range of people at a time as is the case in our Physiotherapy clinic. Superb product and highly recommended."

Anonymous on the WorkActive Sit-Stand Desk

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