Organix Brands Ltd

Client:          Organix Brands Ltd. , Bournemouth, Dorset 

Project:        Replacement of 52 bench workstations with Sit-Stand desks including full width desktop screens.
                     Project completion in co-operation with the client’s IT engineers.  

Timelines:   3 days for delivery and installation 



Organix had been considering upgrading the office bench desking system to Sit-Stand desks for some months. At the time, two Sit-Stand desks had already been installed for staff to use on a casual basis.  

Following Guy Osmond’s talk ‘Stand More or Sit Less? The Great Sit-Stand Debate’ at The Big Green Event in Southampton in October 2017, Organix felt that the “project really came to life”. It became apparent that replacing all the desks was the way forward in order for all staff to benefit from sitting less and moving more. This was also in line with Organix’ in-house initiative entitled ‘Wake up to Wellbeing’. 

Project criteria included:- 

  • Specific finish for desk frames 

  • Acoustic screen colours and fabric 

  • Sustainable processing of existing desks 

  • Restricted site access management 

  • Power supply with the opportunity to install power saving devices 

  • Minimal disruption to staff 

Desks were delivered and installed over a 3-day weekend, with all staff working from home on the Friday. Two installation teams worked successfully side by side with one team dismantling, the other team building the new desks. An interim home was found for the 50 dismantled desks before being upcycled by a new owner.  

Working in collaboration with the IT engineers the new desks were put into place quickly and efficiently. Full, comprehensive instructions were provided to staff returning at the start of the week. 

Organix confirmed that “the project delivery was a great success being on time, on budget with minimal disruption and great delight to Organix!” 

What our customers say

"Just a brief note of thanks for the training this morning. This is the third session I’ve received from you this year, each in a different format – 1:1, webinar and today- and each has further developed my product knowledge and skill-base to help me carry out assessments."

Anthony Reed, workplace assessor on training

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