Bad acoustics are a major cause of distraction, stress and lost productivity in office environments. Research into the impact of noise on office workers shows that too much noise, or the wrong sort, can

  • Impact concentration
  • Affect productivity and performance
  • Lead to increases in stress and mental health-related issues

A well-managed agile working programme will provide a mix of work environments. We have a wide portofolio of products and services to help with the acoustic challenges in open-plan working environments.

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A self-contained unit is an effective, flexible approach to address the loss of meeting rooms, individual offices or quiet zones. Levels of sophistication vary enormously and most manufacturers provide a range of options to suit the situation and use. Significantly, they can be reconfigured or relocated in the future to meet changing demands.

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Individual chairs used in breakout and collaboration areas are being widely complemented by booth designs. By offering high back and fully enclosed bench seating, manufacturers combine function, comfort, practicality and acoustics. Technology such as integrated screens, USB or inductive charging, lighting and Bluetooth connections further enhance the productivity potential. In a variety of shapes and styles, booth seating is widely available in modular form to meet operational and budget needs.

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Sound-absorbing panels hanging on the walls have increased in effectiveness, sophistication and appearance. They can now be manufactured with high resolution images, corporate branding and logos, cover the whole wall or even look like concrete! Similarly, panels suspended from high ceilings can be in any shape and size and the dizzying array of fabrics available can be used to blend them into the background or create vibrant displays.

Providing a mix of working environments with the proper use of sound absorbing materials and sound masking can make all the difference.

If you are facing noise-related challenges, an acoustics survey can help identify the issues and the best combination of approaches for the problems encountered. Contact us to discuss your challenges and find out more.

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"Following a bad episode of RSI affecting my entire right arm, after much deliberation I bought this mouse - with some trepidation considering the price compared to an ordinary mouse - and it's worth every penny."

sarabryant on the DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

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