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Healthcare & Laboratory

Our lab chairs and stools are specifically designed for use in sterile settings such as medical and laboratory environments. The high-quality hygienic lab seating range includes saddle stools and dual use lab stool chairs, designed to enable dynamic sitting to minimise the risk of back strain.

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Amazone Saddle Stool

Price from: £325.95 (Ex VAT)

Amazone Saddle Stool with Lumbar Support

Price from: £444.95 (Ex VAT)

Jumper Saddle Stool

Price from: £303.95 (Ex VAT)

Jumper Saddle Stool With Lumbar Support

Price from: £459.95 (Ex VAT)

What our customers say

"Following a bad episode of RSI affecting my entire right arm, after much deliberation I bought this mouse - with some trepidation considering the price compared to an ordinary mouse - and it's worth every penny."

sarabryant on the DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

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