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Laptop Stands and Arms

Working from your kitchen table, hot-desking in the office or using your laptop whilst out and about does not mean that you have to compromise your physical health. The use of a laptop stand enables you to raise the laptop screen to eye level and prevent neck and shoulder strain. Our laptop risers are lightweight and portable and come with multiple height settings that make it easy to find the right viewing angle for you. If your laptop screen does not open a full 180 degrees and you are a taller user, it is likely the screen will not open far enough when using the majority of laptop stands as they raise the whole computer at an angle. The Supreme Dual Pivot Adjustable Laptop Stand will help avoid the screen angle problem.

We strongly recommend using the laptop stand in conjunction with a separate keyboard and mouse. We also provide portable desktop laptop stand kits, some with A4 inline document holders. Using these accessories will ensure you have an ergonomic workstation set-up and can work in comfort and maintain productivity wherever you are working.

Category Name

Ergo-Q260 Laptop Station

Price from: £109.95 (Ex VAT)

Ergo-Q330 Laptop Stand

Price from: £74.95 (Ex VAT)

Ergo-T340 Laptop Cooling Station

Price from: £119.95 (Ex VAT)

Supreme Dual Pivot Adjustable Laptop Stand

Price from: £41.66 (Ex VAT)

Ergo-Q260 12" Laptop Station

Price from: £104.95 (Ex VAT)

Ergo -Q Hybrid Laptop Stand

Price from: £109.95 (Ex VAT)

U-Top Portable Laptop Stand

Price from: £49.99 (Ex VAT)

Ergo-Top Laptop Station

Price from: £74.95 (Ex VAT)

Ergo-Q220 Laptop Station

Price from: £109.95 (Ex VAT)

Expanda Laptop Stand

Price from: £61.17 (Ex VAT)

Agile Laptop Stand

Price from: £59.99 (Ex VAT)

U-Top Pro

Price from: £59.99 (Ex VAT)

Easy Riser Notebook Stand

Price from: £19.95 (Ex VAT)

My Screen Anywhere Laptop Stand

Price from: £24.99 (Ex VAT)

Contour iPad and Tablet Stand

Price from: £41.66 (Ex VAT)

DaisyOne Laptop Arm

Price from: £243.00 (Ex VAT)

Laptop Plate

Price from: £54.00 (Ex VAT)

LX Dual Stacking Arm

Price from: £248.25 (Ex VAT)

What our customers say

"My multifunctional job requires me to frequently change between activities. It has been a great help not having to both twist my body or neck each time I need to make notes or having to re-arrange my desk in order to accommodate the different tasks. The simplicity of operating the device ensures I use it properly all the time and being tall it has helped considerably with alleviating my constant neck pain. I would not want to be without this item."

Anonymous on the FlexDesk 630N

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