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The wellbeing of your colleagues is proven to affect their productivity. An unhappy worker is likely to be 10% less effective in their role – whereas a happy worker will enjoy a 12% rise.

Modern workplaces are changing.

Understanding how your workers interact with their office environment is critical to meeting business goals. With 4% of operating costs lost due to absenteeism, no successful business plan should neglect a tailored approach to colleague workspaces.

Focus areas can be split between four core behaviours – Communication, Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation



Open-plan working originally evolved to address the communication issues inherent in cellular offices. The concept is effective when it is one element in the crucial mix of different environments.

In today’s agile workplace, technology, mobility and work styles can give rise to isolation and exclusion. It is therefore essential to create core environments where colleagues are close by and communication is central. This prompts natural opportunities to discuss, create and collaborate.

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Collaboration directly impacts the effectiveness of teams and can positively influence the outcome of tasks and projects. Having access to collaborative workspaces enables people to switch where they work depending on the task in hand and with whom they need to engage.

Creating adaptable spaces that are conducive to information sharing can build stronger networks both within and outside traditional team structures. It can also generate more productive projects and ideas whilst allowing people to work and make themselves accessible.

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Whilst communication and collaboration between employees is key, the noise and buzz generated by open-plan office designs can have the opposite effect, distracting employees and significantly reducing productivity. Having to tolerate noise to get work done can also increase stress levels.

Creating quiet zones away from the general office, with different types of flexible furniture, affords people private, head-down time to focus on particularly demanding or deadline-driven tasks. It also has a positive effect on people’s overall productivity and personal wellbeing.

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The needs and working styles of a multi-generational workforce vary significantly and require a workplace culture that can accommodate these differing requirements. Whilst open-plan offices promote collaboration and communication, they can be distracting to those who need thinking time and space.

Establishing quiet zones that provide calm, distraction-free areas for relaxation and creative thinking can improve overall performance and productivity. It also allows people to escape, at least for a short while, from the normal working environment and restore emotional balance.

Creating the right environment, with the right furniture and resources will also have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing, reducing the costs related to absenteeism and presenteeism. It also aids recruitment and retention and creates the right image for visitors.

Whether your requirement is corporate, departmental or individual, our discussion process suits organisations of all sizes. From a selection of chairs, desks and storage to a complete refit with zones to accommodate different needs, our unique approach throughout the consultation, review, sales, installation and training cycle ensures you achieve the best possible outcome. We deliver within budget whilst reflecting your organisation, your culture and the way your people work together.

If you are looking for a partner you can trust, with a focus on the outcome rather than the sale, why not discuss your needs?

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