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Osmond Group Limited (Osmond) is a privately owned, innovative product supplier in UK workplace furniture and ergonomics. Osmond offers a range of ergonomics products, including office furniture and computer accessories to help organisations improve the productivity and wellbeing of their personnel.  

Osmond will maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS), as part of its business management systems, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001. Consideration of environmental issues will be taken into account when producing the Company’s aims and objectives.  

We are committed to:  

  • Conducting regular management reviews of our environmental performance  
  • Ensuring we comply with applicable legislation, codes of practice and all other requirements  
  • Ensuring openness of our environmental activities with all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and regulators  
  • Investing in our employees, by providing ongoing training, and involving all employees in our environmental programme  
  • Ensuring we uphold a high standard of visual appearance to provide a pleasant working environment and satisfy neighbours and stakeholders  
  • Sourcing innovative products which will help reduce the environmental impact of our customers  
  • Minimising waste throughout the Company by waste reduction, reuse or recycling, sending waste to landfill as a last resort, and ensuring safe disposal when no viable alternative is available  
  • Minimising energy, including fuel usage wherever possible  
  • Establishing realistic targets to achieve continual improvement, and reducing environmental impacts throughout the Company by using monitoring systems  
  • Ensure emergency procedures are in place to prevent pollution from accidental spillages, or fire.  
  • The senior management team will review this policy on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims and objectives of the Company. This policy is not in any way restricted and is available to anyone requesting a copy, including members of the public.

What our customers say

"Have tried a couple of other mice, looking for a vertical alignment. Some too big, or too small, or too heavy but this is so adaptable with changing angles and thumb position, I thought it would be a good one to try. Have had it a week, and having simply plugged it in (to my Mac), I have have found it really easy to use. I managed to adapt it to my needs with big hands, and need to lift and scroll (for CAD work) - so although the easing of the RSI situation will only be none in the long run (I'm not ready to stop work!), I am well satisfied."

Anonymous on the Contour Unimouse

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