Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-stand desks are wonderful but only part of the solution. Replacing standard workstations with Sit-Stand desks is not just a furniture exchange. It brings culture change too because the issue is not about standing more, but sitting less. Its implementation requires appropriate management to ensure maximum benefit. We understand the issues of introducing Sit-Stand furniture and offer user training and employer support with additional resources to ensure a successful transition.

Category Name

Motus 3000 Sit-Stand Desk

Price from: £499.00 (Ex VAT)

WorkActive Sit-Stand Desk

Price from: £669.00 (Ex VAT)

Risefit Sit-Stand Desk

Price from: £499.00 (Ex VAT)

What our customers say

"This is the perfect sit-stand solution on a budget and ideal when needing to retain existing desk furniture. I found this desk top model easy to set up and to adjust to the ideal height. The controls were very simple to operate and required no particular strength. I highly recommend this model."

Anonymous on the Varidesk

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