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Category Name

RollerMouse Pro3 - Black

Price from: £166.66 (Ex VAT)

Contour Unimouse - Right Hand

Price from: £74.99 (Ex VAT)

RollerMouse Free3

Price from: £216.66 (Ex VAT)

RollerMouse Re:d

Price from: £241.66 (Ex VAT)

DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

Price from: £69.95 (Ex VAT)

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

Price from: £99.95 (Ex VAT)

Evoluent Wireless Vertical Mouse 4

Price from: £129.95 (Ex VAT)

AirObic Quill Mouse - Adult

Price from: £87.95 (Ex VAT)

Standard Mouse (Right Hand)

Price from: £64.95 (Ex VAT)

Evoluent C Vertical Mouse

Price from: £99.95 (Ex VAT)

Human Scale Switch Mouse

Price from: £69.00 (Ex VAT)

L1 Laser Mouse

Price from: £33.95 (Ex VAT)

Contour RollerMouse Pro3 Plus

Price from: £183.33 (Ex VAT)

Anir Scrolling Mouse

Price from: £88.95 (Ex VAT)

Optical Marble Mouse Trackball

Price from: £41.66 (Ex VAT)

Vertical Mouse 3 (Right Hand)

Price from: £79.95 (Ex VAT)

Wacom Intuos

Price from: £87.95 (Ex VAT)

Contour Perfit Mouse

Price from: £89.00 (Ex VAT)


Price from: £169.00 (Ex VAT)

What our customers say

"Following a bad episode of RSI affecting my entire right arm, after much deliberation I bought this mouse - with some trepidation considering the price compared to an ordinary mouse - and it's worth every penny."

sarabryant on the DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

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