Arm & Wrist Support

Typing and using your computer mouse for prolonged periods of time creates continuous strain on your wrists. The use of an appropriate arm and/or wrist support can reduce discomfort and help prevent the onset of long-term pain and injury in wrists and forearms. A keyboard wrist rest will support the wrists while typing, providing comfort and reducing pressure on the wrists. Mouse wrist rests or palm supports will elevate your wrist off the solid desk surface while using a mouse, providing comfort and reducing the risk of developing aches in the wrist and palm. For severe pain in wrist and forearms, desk mounted armrests provide support away from the wrist to avoid any pressure points in sensitive areas.

Category Name

Puk Wrist Support

Price from: £6.95 (Ex VAT)

Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest

Price from: £22.95 (Ex VAT)

Egg Ergo Mouse Pad

Price from: £14.95 (Ex VAT)

Handy Forearm Support

Price from: £83.95 (Ex VAT)

ErgoRest with Mouse Pad

Price from: £120.00 (Ex VAT)


Price from: £89.00 (Ex VAT)

Gliding Palm Support

Price from: £31.92 (Ex VAT)

IMAK Keyboard Wrist Rest Support Cushion

Price from: £25.99 (Ex VAT)

Gel Mouse Pad

Price from: £25.50 (Ex VAT)

Fellows Mouse Mat

Price from: £5.43 (Ex VAT)

Fellowes Gel Wrist Rest

Price from: £26.17 (Ex VAT)