WorkActive Sit-Stand Desk

Price £720.00 (Ex VAT)
Worktop Size:
Essential Installation, Set Up and Training

Poor standing posture can create as many aches and pains as poor sitting posture. One of our skilled IST team members will deliver and assemble the desk, demonstrate how to use it and show you what good posture feels like so that you know what to do in the future.


High quality two-stage electronic desks with aluminium frame and a choice of sizes and finishes.

WorkActive information


  • High quality desk with aluminium frame and a choice of top sizes and finishes.
  • Motorised two stage Sit-Stand adjustment.
  • Height range (645mm ­ 1305mm) complies with EU Sit-Stand standard.
  • Rectangular tops available from stock in our most popular sizes & finishes (see price chart below).
  • Please specify your desktop colour finish when ordering.
  • Other shapes and finishes available to order.
  • These products require installation by our trained personnel. Installation price will be added onto the total when you add the product to your basket.

What our customers say

"Really enjoyed input & found it very useful for my role as a physiotherapist in offering advice to clients. Thank you." 

ATH of Dorset on the Do you want to be an assessor? course

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