Drumback Swivel Mesh Back Chair


Price £373.00 (Ex VAT)
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Combines the advantages of upholstered and pure mesh design

By combining the benefits of a mesh back and a closed back, the Drumback has both comfort and stability. The Drumback has numerous features to allow you to tailor the chair to fit your needs, helping you maintain an ergonomically healthy position.


Please look at our comprehensive list of Chair Features and Benefits

A wide range of options is available. Please call our Customer Services Team on 0345 345 0898 to discuss your requirements.

Feature Availability
Independent Back Angle Adjustment Standard
Seat Slide/depth Standard
Adjustable Lumbar Support Standard
Adjustable Arm Rest height Option
Adjustable Arm Rest width Option
Adjustable Arm Rest depth Option
Adjustable armrest pad angle Option
Independently Adjustable Head Rest No
Independently Adjustable Neck Rest No
Suitable for Clean Room No
Suitable for 24 Hour Use No
Adjustable backrest height Standard
Adjustable seat height Standard
Backrest tension adjustment Standard


Part number VIA-DB-MB-BK
Seat weight (KG) 13
Seat width (CM) 48
Total width (CM) 68
Seat height (CM) 40-52
Seat depth (CM) 40-46


Part number VIA-DB-2DA-BK VIA-DB-2DA-TG
Height Adjustment (CM) 10 10
Width Adjustment (CM) 3.5 3.5
Weight (KG) 1.6 1.5

What our customers say

"I bought this keyboard on advice from an ergonomist during some training, so glad I did. It is very comfortable to use. As per the previous review it takes a short while to get used to the difference in the layout, but once you do it is very easy to use, just a very light touch needed on the keys rather than needing to bang on them really hard. I did buy the separate number pad, but I have yet to use it, considering sending it back as I'm not sure I will need it. If the keyboard is anything to go by it'll be brilliant for those that need a number input device."

Anonymous on the Skboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard

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