Treadmill Desks

Sitting less and walking more while working contributes to a healthy life style and increased wellbeing. The Treadmill Desk offers users the opportunity to combine both exercise and computer work. It is ideal for carrying out gentle exercise whilst focussing on less challenging work tasks such as video- and audio-related activities. If you prefer a mix of sitting and standing throughout the day instead, you can opt for a more traditional standing desk.

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LifeSpan TR5000 Treadmill

Price from: £1396.00 (Ex VAT)

What our customers say

"It was a great day and I found it really useful. Was expecting to just need a refresher, but learnt a lot of new tips and tricks."

Simon P Garcia of Freedom Ergonomics & Wellbeing on Workplace Postures & Seating and Options for Reasonable Adjustments courses

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