Wedge Mobile Keyboard

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The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is designed for tablet users who are often on the move. Suitable for Windows 7 and 8 tablets, as well as iPad and Android devices, it's extremely easy to take on the go due to its thin and lightweight design. The keyboard has full-sized, light-touch keys which provide a comfortable typing experience for all users, and it also has Windows 8 shortcut keys to give the user access to commonly used functions. Its durable cover not only protects the keyboard when not in use - it can also be converted into a tablet stand.


*Thin and lightweight, it's ideal for on-the-move users, and the protective cover converts into a stand.


  • Designed with tablet users in mind (Tablet NOT included)
  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Durable keyboard cover that protects device and converts into tablet stand
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Windows 8 hotkeys
  • Built-in multimedia keys


Part Number
Rechargeable (Y/N)  
Split Adjustable (Y/N/ NA) N
Programmable Buttons (Y/N) N
USB Hub (Quantity)  
Multimedia keys (Y/N)  



Part Number MS.KEYBWED
Cover Dimensions (H x W x L) 13.9x134x264
Keyboard Dimensions (legs extended)  (H x W x L) 20.8x101x257
Cover Weight (kg) 0.21
Keyboard Weight (kg) 0.24
Shape (Standard/ Split/ Numeric Only  Standard
Type (Mini/ Full Size) Mini
MAC Compatible (Y/N) Y
Cordless (Y/N)  Y
Cordless Type (RF/Bluetooth/ NA) Bluetooth
Approval (FCC/ CE)  FCC

What our customers say

"The range of height adjustments available provides a flexible option for shorter and taller users alike and makes it a longer-term proposition . Very quick and simple to adjust this is ideal when the workspace needs to be used by a range of people at a time as is the case in our Physiotherapy clinic. Superb product and highly recommended."

Anonymous on the WorkActive Sit-Stand Desk

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