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By Guy Osmond on 11th Jun 2014

This article was originally emailed as our monthly eBulletin at 11:30 on 11/06/2014.


We have been selling sit-stand desks for nearly 20 years but worldwide interest in the concept is now gaining real mainstream momentum. Much of the public awareness is coming from “sitting is the new smoking” stories and other articles based (often only tentatively!) on recent research. As frequently happens, television news reports and articles in daily newspapers give only part of the story and there is also, inevitably, a lot of scaremongering and bandwagon-jumping. The idea of making frequent changes of posture is nothing new but questions and demands from employees makes rational decision making a challenge. The availability of so many products and sales arguments (some conflicting) further complicates matters. For a more informed approach, we have assembled links to  or you can attend one of my forthcoming Sit-Stand Workstations webinars.

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Our seminar in Loughborough went well and all delegates who responded afterwards would recommend the event to colleagues. We still have free places available for the London and Bristol events. You can find the brochure and online booking facility by following the links.


At the beginning of June, I attended an excellent conference in Westminster to launch this new publication. With speakers from the public and private sector, there were some outstanding insights into best practice methodologies to accommodate the changing demands of today’s workplace. You can download the document here.

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After a few years away, we shall be returning to this event as exhibitors in 2015. As the conference gets bigger and better, we appreciate how difficult it can be to get around the exhibition. Our stand will therefore be directly inside the main entrance!


There has been a lot of interest in our recently launched EASI programme which encompasses all the assessment service variants we offer. In particular, we are talking to a small number of clients about the EASI Inclusive system which provides all services and products for one fixed charge. The Customer Service team will be pleased to discuss the programme further.

By providing your employees with the proper tools, they can help elevate your business further than ever before.

We work with a variety of organisations to provide effective office solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each business.

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