Post-Mounted Laptop Stands

By Guy Osmond on 9th May 2011

Having championed the use of laptop computer stands from the outset, we had already sold more than 50,000 units when I stopped counting a few years ago.  For a long time, all models were free-standing versions with the principle decision being a simple choice between a portable unit or something to leave on the desk all the time. Of these, our best seller (by a significant margin) has been the Flextop.

More recently, post-mounted laptop supports started to appear. These have been introduced by monitor arm manufacturers, taking advantage of existing products and adapting them to accommodate the laptop.  In the past, we have not actively promoted these because we found that the free-standing units usually offered significant advantages, both in terms of flexibility and in ergonomics. However, enquiries for post-mounted products have increased recently and there appear to be two primary reasons.

As more and more organisations replace desktop computers with laptops, a legacy estate of monitor arms exists. Almost all of these can be modified easily by attaching a laptop plate to the existing VESA bracket.

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More significantly, a growing number of laptop users are adding an additional monitor in the office. In turn, this scenario may be arising out of the surplus monitor inventory created by desktop computer users migrating from two monitors to one large one! In such applications, a twin-arm post-mounted system will provide an integrated mount for both computer and screen. The fact that many existing post-mount monitor arms can be adapted by adding an extra limb and plate for the laptop can make this a very cost-effective solution. If the laptop is replacing a desktop computer, it may also be possible to use the original keyboard and mouse.

Questions to think about for the best cost/performance ratio:

Am I using an extra monitor?
Do I need to use a laptop stand outside the office?
Do I need to use a document holder?
If I am migrating from a desktop to laptop computer,
– do I already have a monitor arm?
– if so, does the VESA bracket tilt level enough to take a laptop plate
– can I use the old keyboard and mouse?

Costs can vary significantly so it is important to identify clearly what equipment you have already and what is your optimum configuration outcome before trying to narrow down product choices.

By providing your employees with the proper tools, they can help elevate your business further than ever before.

We work with a variety of organisations to provide effective office solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each business.

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What our customers say

"The range of height adjustments available provides a flexible option for shorter and taller users alike and makes it a longer-term proposition . Very quick and simple to adjust this is ideal when the workspace needs to be used by a range of people at a time as is the case in our Physiotherapy clinic. Superb product and highly recommended."

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