Sorry! The Olfactory App doesn’t actually exist and there’s no such thing as an Olfactory Avatar (as far as we know!).

Our post entitled ‘VIRTUAL MEETINGS – ENHANCING THE EXPERIENCE’ was just an April Fools’ Day prank. We hope you found it amusing at a time when day-to-day life certainly needs a few more laughs.

By the way, Nevjerojatna Priča is Croatian for Tall Story.













What our customers say

"Today Kevin visited me in Eastbourne, to set up a height adjusting desk, footstall, keyboard stand, mouse and chair. I just wanted to say how patient, and caring he was. He really helped me and I think he should be commended on how friendly, polite, informative and down to earth he was. Thank you Kevin and Ergonomics."

Lydia Harris, Student

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