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Office Project

Axia Smart Chair

The Axia Smart Active is an ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and well-supported posture. But it is much, much more. It is a complete and innovative seating system that brings together all our expertise in the field of ergonomics, technology and sustainability. The Smart Active technology is built into the chair. It gives a vibration signal when it’s time to get up out of your chair.

Axia Smart Chair - Product Information.pdf

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If you’re into innovation, HÅG Capisco is the office chair for you. You won’t find another office chair so well suited to work surfaces at different heights or to height-adjustable desks. In a HÅG Capisco, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side, allowing you a broad reach. The chair has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic design.

Capisco - Product Information.pdf

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Nomique Ensemble

The Ensemble task chair has been designed with an easy “click” system, which enables quick and simple assembly without the need for tools. This saves time during production, easy shipping and storage or even allows customers to build their their chair High quality materials allows for a long product life cycle with a warranty of 10 years. At the end its useful life, Ensemble can be returned to the factory, free of charge.

Ensemble - Product Information.pdf

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Zephyr Light

What contours Zephyr Light/Okamura ZL is inspired by smooth, curving lines of nature. Most visible is its back design. Some see a fin, while others see flower stem in it. Yet, the chair blends into urban working environment effortlessly. And as the name goes, Zephyr Light/Okamura ZL is all about wind-clad flowing design.

Zephyr Light - Product Information.pdf

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Viasit Drumback

The fresh and contemporary look of the Drumback chair can be credited to Martin Ballendat's ingenious idea of stretching the cover fabric over a back component made from polypropylene. As a result, the chair combines the advantages of upholstered and mesh by providing the user with a comfortable and sturdy seating experience.

Drumback - Product Information.pdf

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Pepi Mesh

Pepi Mesh has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The combination of a stylish and breathable mesh back with ergonomic features and easy adjustment make Pepi Mesh ideal for the fast paced work environment, meeting needs and requirements of the individual user. Pepi Mesh offers simple yet stylish design at an affordable price – ideal for the modern workplace.

Pepi Mesh - Product Information.pdf

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As its name suggests, the Contessa is designed to be sophisticated and elegant. This stylish chair is extraordinarily comfortable due to its soft mesh and “smart operation” ergonomics which respond and adapt to your posture. The Contessa is also available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit any work environment.

Contessa - Product Information.pdf

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Do is the result of us taking a completely fresh look at task chair design and we’ve worked hard to do more with less; less material, fewer parts & fewer product miles than ever before whilst still delivering the very best quality and performance. It goes without saying that people come in all shapes & sizes and with shared work-spaces becoming increasingly common, the need for simple, adaptable seating is more important than ever.

Do - Product Information.pdf

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As shared work-spaces become increasingly common, office environments need to be more versatile than ever before and our seating more easily adaptable to multiple users. Seren redefines the levels of quality, comfort and ease of use you can expect from entry level task seating.

Seren - Product Information.pdf

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Comfortability and design does not contradict but interconnect. Sabrina is another representation of this. Holding the body and following the body movement both during sitting experience - made possible with one simple part, a symbolic ring structure. Streamlined design of the part is coherently seen in adjustable arms and aluminium legs as well. You can see this iconic ring structure not just in back view but from front view through permeable mesh back for which you have ample color variation to choose from.

Sabrina - Product Information.pdf

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Kind Mesh

Kind executive chairs offer an upholstered back and seat slide as standard. A head rest with metallic detail, polished aluminium base and arms, with a chrome gas stem can also be selected to further enhance the high quality appearance

Kind - Product Information.pdf

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RH Extend

Elegant, ergonomic and easy to use. Both are based on 2PP™, our philosophy on active sitting. The chair is equipped with a control that makes it easy to choose exactly the right sitting position, something that makes it the perfect choice for an environment where hotdesking is the norm and many different people use it at different times. RH Extend is ideally suited to all types of office environments and the backrest is available in two different sizes.

Extend - Product Information.pdf

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RH Mereo

RH Mereo is a task chair which is also a work tool and a business tool. RH Mereo is crafted to improve your performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace. It is easily fitted for everyone, whatever your physical assets. This makes it a one-person chair as well as a chair for the landscaped office. In RH Mereo the 2PP™ dynamics bring active sitting to one and to all. An easy adjustment is all it takes. RH Mereo fuses innovation, functionality, usability and design impact.

Mereo - Product Information.pdf

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The ideal office chair for bulk purchase needs to meet your aesthetic, comfort, ergonomics and budget parameters. Sustainability may also be an important factor. We also consider specific factors (a mesh back or a tactile frame finish, for instance?) and cherry-pick from UK and international manufacturers to find exactly the product you need.

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