Repiroue Perching Stool - White Shell

Price £360.00 (Ex VAT)
Shell Colour:
Fabric Colour:
Optional Installation, Set Up and Training

Select this option to get the most from your purchase. One of our highly trained IST team will deliver the chair, show you what the knobs and levers do, explain good posture and demonstrate how to adjust everything for maximum comfort so that you can do it yourself in future.


The Repiroue Perching Stool is ideal for those using sit-stand workstations. Placing the user in a perching posture (a combination of both sitting and standing), it distributes weight between the legs and buttocks, reducing stress on the lower back and legs. When the user tilts their body in any direction, the Repiroue moves with them in order to continue supporting their weight. It creates an overall comfortable work posture and stable seating experience.


  • Ideal for a sit-stand environment.
  • Perching reduces stress on the lower back and legs.
  • Creates a natural curve in the spine by drawing the pelvis forward.
  • Stable seating experience - base always remains on the ground.
  • Easily accessible height-adjustable lever.
  • Shell available in black or white.
  • Simple design with many fabric colour options available.


Part Number OK-REP
Chair Weight (kg) 9.5
Seat Height Adjustment (Y/N/O) Y
Maximum Weight (Stone/kg) -
Seat Depth (mm)  
Seat Height (mm) 565-815
Seat Width (mm)  


What our customers say

"Really enjoyed input & found it very useful for my role as a physiotherapist in offering advice to clients. Thank you." 

ATH of Dorset on the Do you want to be an assessor? course

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