Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, Number Pad and Mouse

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The Sculpt Keyboard helps reduce wrist pain and enables wrists and forearms to be kept in a relaxed position. The design of the keyboard allows for a more natural way of typing. The separate number pad gives the user increased flexibility for their workspace setup. The mouse  is designed to improve wrist comfort by keeping the user's hand and wrist in a healthier ergonomic position.



The split keyboard maintains a relaxed position for the user's wrists and forearms. Its cushioned palm rest gives the user's wrists further support. The domed shape of the keyboard provides a more natural way of typing and helps to reduce wrist pain. The Sculpt Keyboard has reverse tilt funtionality which keeps the user's wrists in a neutral position by changing the angle of the keyboard. The Sculpt utilises Advanced Encryption Standard technology to encrypt your keystrokes and aid the protection of information. 


Number pad

The number pad gives the user increased flexibility for how their workplace is setup. 



The mouse's thumb scoop helps to keep an ergonomic hand position and reduces strain. The mouse utilises a 4-way scroll wheel which enables the user to navigate up, down, left and right.



  • Cushioned palm rest
  • Split keyset design
  • Domed/natural arc design
  • AES technology
  • Reverse tilt
  • Windows button


Number Pad

  • Modularity; Can be detached when not in use



  • Maximised wrist comfort
  • Helps maintain an ergonomically sound hand position
  • 4-way scroll wheel


  Keyboard Number Pad Mouse
Dimensions (LxW mm) 392 x 228  132 x 93 98 x 75
Compatibility Windows, Mac OS X* Windows, Mac OS X* Windows, Mac OS X*


*Limited functionality

What our customers say

"The range of height adjustments available provides a flexible option for shorter and taller users alike and makes it a longer-term proposition . Very quick and simple to adjust this is ideal when the workspace needs to be used by a range of people at a time as is the case in our Physiotherapy clinic. Superb product and highly recommended."

Anonymous on the WorkActive Sit-Stand Desk

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