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Meeting & Training Room


A new synthesis of design, function, materials, attitude, manufacturing intelligence & sustainability. Cubb results from the belief that great design comes from the condensing of the complex, into the essential. Creating a spontaneity, which results from rigor and precision. Cubb`s simple singularity of form creates an elemental chair with a crystal clear personality, able to deliver a robustness of function for any environment.

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Pace is a new addition to our portfolio of upholstered lounge chairs for either table work or use in a more relaxed setting. The design of Pace allows it to be specified in a single or two tone leather/fabric or with an external back show wood.

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Wow! This eyecatcher is really quite extraordinary. The oyo bounces and rocks you in all sorts of sitting positions. It is extremely comfortable and always makes a bella figura - in the office, conference room or at home.

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La Kendo

La Kendo, designed by Angelo Pinaffo, is a four legged chair available in a variety of options.

The La Kendo would suit a training room, conference, or meeting area that has to be adaptable and multi-functional at short notice.

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Slim, lightweight, easy to handle, arrange, stack, store and clean. RBM Noor is designed for your convenience and pleasure. Its high quality features and standard of ergonomics creates a comfortable sitting experience. An 8 mm seat shell and organic 3D shape creates soft and user-friendly surfaces, optimal contact and support. For young and old, for suits and bohemians, for any body, for you.

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The design of Key has made it one of the most impressive chairs of its type and an ideal solution for conference and training applications. Two back sizes and the option of a four leg chair, stacking cantilever, or polished aluminium 4 star base are available.

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Conventio Wing

A dynamic chair specially designed for meetings and conferences. The built-in rocking mechanism inspires variation and movement, enhancing your colleagues’ and audience’s blood circulation, mental focus and performance. HÅG Conventio Wing is made from light materials than can cope with rough treatment. Its easy maintenance makes the chair particularly well suited for use in places such as schools, universities, libraries, canteens, cafés, meeting rooms, hotels and conference centres.

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Team Up

Team Up is a clever multi-purpose seating range comprising for different models, including a stacking chair. The range has been designed to suit different areas in the workplace. Designed by Jason Lansdale. The Team Up Meet is fitted with a five star swivel base with recline and seat height mechanism. This model lends itself for meeting and conference rooms.

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Sitting, standing or perching, we have products to suit any meeting environment. As attitudes to meeting rooms change, our experience of diverse philosophies and disparate national approaches enables us to identify and embrace your own corporate culture.

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