Lavolta Folding Laptop Desk

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The Lavolta Laptop Table is uniquely designed to lower the operating temperature of your laptop using it's fans for a constant air flow. The product design is optimised to distribute air quickly and quietly which help increaes the laptops performance. The fans use a USB port on your computer for power, however they use such a minimal amount that it won't have an impact on the battery life. The legs are adjustable to 360°C and have an auto-locking feature so it can hold any position. The table comes with a mouse board which is quick and easy to install and remove. It's configurability provides a pleasant typing position, allowing the shoulder to relax and giving a more ergonomic working position.  


  • Silent fans and low energy consumption
  • 360°C Auto-locking legs
  • Additional mouse table included
  • Perfect for 7" to 12" laptops


Part Number LAV-FLD-MB-B
Auto-Locking Mechanism (Y/N) Y
Silent fans  (Y/N) Y
Mouse Pad Included (Y/N) Y


Part Number LAV-FLD-MB-B
Color Black
Primary Material Metal
Capacity Laptop Cooling Stand Black
Shipping Weight 1.42 KG
Board Dimensions 420mm x 270mm
Max Height 480mm
Mouse Board Dimensions 160mm x 150mm

What our customers say

"Today Kevin visited me in Eastbourne, to set up a height adjusting desk, footstall, keyboard stand, mouse and chair. I just wanted to say how patient, and caring he was. He really helped me and I think he should be commended on how friendly, polite, informative and down to earth he was. Thank you Kevin and Ergonomics."

Lydia Harris, Student

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