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Many employers are moving rapidly to offering their personnel the opportunity to work from home. These kits improve your comfort, posture and ergonomics when you are away from the office
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Pick & mix your laptop stand, mouse and keyboard from a selection of our best selling laptop products to create your own laptop kit at a discounted price.

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Easy Riser Notebook Stand - Small

The Easy Riser Notebook Stand

Easy Riser provides height adjustment in two simple steps, allowing the user to raise it to their most comfortable viewing position, as well as encouraging the increase of air circulation to the notebook in order to keep it cool. The stand folds flat, increasing transportability.

EPX Mini Keyboard - SmallStandard Mini Keyboard

Mini keyboard decreases the distance between keyboard and mouse reducing shoulder strain.


Standard Wired Mouse

Stock changes constantly so we shall provide the best available product at this price point at the time of order. We offer a slightly sculpted right-handed version and a generic model that can be used left- or right-handed.


FoldineX Portable Compact Laptop Stand

The FoldineX adjustable laptop stand is extremely compact and ligtweight.  It features a unique aluminium alloy X-style folding design with silicone pads for a better grip.

Sboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard (USB) - Small

Sboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard

Sboard 840 is a slim and lightweight compact keyboard without a built-in numeric keypad. It has an optimised key layout in order to maximise productivity and its scissor mechanism gives a light keystroke.


Standard Wireless Mouse

As with the wired mouse, we shall provide the best product we have in stock or on order at this price. We also offer a more shaped right-handed version as well as a non-specific design that can be used with either hand.

Contour iPad and Tablet Stand - Small

Contour Notebook Stand

Contour Stand is easy to adjust, light weight, and folds to pocket size for easy transportation. Suitable for most laptops, notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices.

UltraBoard 950 Compact Keyboard - Small

UltraBoard 950 Compact Keyboard

UltraBoard 950 is thinner, narrower and shallower than its predecessor. This compact, light keyboard is very easy to transport. Corded and bluetooth (wireless) keyboard options available.

DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2 - Small

DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

DXT 2 is a compact ergonomic mouse and ensures a relaxed hand position with a neutral wrist. Featuring a unique pen grip, and at the touch of a button is instantly switchable between right and left-handed use, this is a versatile mouse to have.

Ergo-Q330 Laptop Stand - Small

Ergo-Q330 Laptop Stand

Ergo-Q330 will fold flat to fit in any laptop bag, as it is super thin. With six different height settings and a height range of 11-19cm, it is easy to adjust a laptop to the desired height. The patented, integrated document holder helps increase comfort and productivity.

UltraBoard 960 Standard Keyboard - Small

UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard Keyboard

UltraBoard 960 offers a standard option with optimal layout, making it 8cms narrower than a standard keyboard. It is an ideal solution for those used to having a numeric keypad on their keyboard whether for use at a permanent workstation or for users on the move.

Contour Unimouse - Small

Contour Unimouse

Due to extensive adjustability, the Unimouse offers great comfort and support by tailoring its features to fit your hand. This allows an ergonomic experience for each unique user. With an adjustable thumb support and body angle, it is perfectly adept to fit a varied audience.

What our customers say

"I bought this keyboard on advice from an ergonomist during some training, so glad I did. It is very comfortable to use. As per the previous review it takes a short while to get used to the difference in the layout, but once you do it is very easy to use, just a very light touch needed on the keys rather than needing to bang on them really hard. I did buy the separate number pad, but I have yet to use it, considering sending it back as I'm not sure I will need it. If the keyboard is anything to go by it'll be brilliant for those that need a number input device."

Anonymous on the Skboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard

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