Sboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard (USB)

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This product is supplied in silver as standard.

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The Sboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard is a slim and lightweight compact keyboard without a built-in numeric keypad. Bringing the mouse much closer to the keyboard, it reduces the reaching distance required and therefore puts less strain on the shoulder and forearm. It has an optimised key layout in order to maximise productivity and its scissor mechanism gives a light keystroke.
The separate numeric keypad can be easily attached to the keyboard with an extendable USB cable. Suitable for those who handle high amounts of data entry, it includes a built-in calculator and has the ability to transfer calculation results directly into the user's PC.


Saturnus Mini Keyboard:

  • Slim, lightweight keyboard that combines ergonomics with stylish design.
  • Unique, optimised key layout designed by an ergonomist to maximise productivity.
  • Scissor action keys with excellent tactile feedback.
  • Multimedia keys including cut, paste & save.
  • 2 USB 1.1 ports.

Saturnus Numeric Keyboard & Calculator:

  • Saturnus Mini Keyboard (Silver/USB).
  • Complementary number pad with built-in calculator.
  • Calculator results can be transferred directly into programs

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Rechargeable (Y/N) N N
Split Adjustable (Y/N) N N
Programmable Buttons (Y/N) N N
USB Hub (Quantity) 2 0
Multimedia Keys (Y/N) Y N


Dimensions (Packed) (H x W x L) 28x325x210 23x152x169
Dimensions (Un-Packed) (H x W x L) 16x305x165 20x94x165
Weight (Packed) (kg) 0.7 0.2
Weight (Un-Packed) (kg) 0.5


Shape (Standard/Split/Numeric Only)


Numeric Only
Type (Mini/Full Size) Mini Full Size
MAC Compatible (Y/N) N N
Cordless (Y/N) N N


You can view a video of the Sboard 840 here.

What our customers say

"I bought this keyboard on advice from an ergonomist during some training, so glad I did. It is very comfortable to use. As per the previous review it takes a short while to get used to the difference in the layout, but once you do it is very easy to use, just a very light touch needed on the keys rather than needing to bang on them really hard. I did buy the separate number pad, but I have yet to use it, considering sending it back as I'm not sure I will need it. If the keyboard is anything to go by it'll be brilliant for those that need a number input device."

Anonymous on the Skboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard

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