EPX Mini Keyboard

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  • Only 20mm thick and weighing less than 450g.
  • Two built-in USB 2.0 sockets.
  • Five media keys for internet browser, email, volume up and down, play and pause.
  • USB connector.
  • 319mm wide x 155mm deep x 23mm high.


Part Number

Rechargeable (Y/N) N
Split Adjustable (Y/N/ NA) N
Programmable Buttons (Y/N)


USB Hub (Quantity) 2
Multimedia keys (Y/N) Y


Part Number KEYB2USB
Dimensions (Packed) (H x W x L) 31x335x180
Dimensions (Un-Packed) (H x W x L) 23x319x155
Weight (Packed) (kg) 0.6
Weight (Un-Packed)(kg) 0.4
Shape (Standard/ Spilt/ Numeric Only) Standard
Type (Mini/ Full Size) Mini
MAC Compatible (Y/N) N
Cordless (Y/N) N
Cordless Type (RF/ Bluetooth/ NA) NA
Approval (FCC/ CE) CE

What our customers say

"Following a bad episode of RSI affecting my entire right arm, after much deliberation I bought this mouse - with some trepidation considering the price compared to an ordinary mouse - and it's worth every penny."

sarabryant on the DXT Ergonomic Mouse 2

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