Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard - US Layout

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Offering the same ergonomic features as the Freestyle2, the Freestyle Pro builds upon this with additional benefits of programmability and tactile mechanical key switches. The Freestyle Pro is pre-configured for Windows use, but Mac users can simply toggle to Layout 2. There are 3 available layouts to toggle between. Available options include palm supports and accessory kits.


Freestyle Pro

  • Freestyle Pro utilises Cherry MX (Brown) Low-force, tactile key switches. Many ergonomists prefer this because it can reduce unnecessary impacts to your fingertips.
  • A 20 inch linking cable is used to connect the two keyboard modules, which can be adjusted to suit a user's preference and the desktop environment.
  • You can add a tenting accessory to reduce forearm discomfort.
  • You can reduce wrist extension and improve comfort by using the cushioned palm support pads.
  • 8 programmable hotkeys allow you to reduce mouse clicks and key combinations.


VIP3 Pro accessory kit

  • Integrated palm supports 
  • Attaches to the base of the Freestyle Pro
  • Allows the alteration of tent settings to 5, 10 and 15 degrees
  • Positions your forearms and wrists in a more comfortable position


V3 Pro accessory kit

  • Designed for use without palm support


  • Cherry MX (Brown) Low-force, tactile key switches
  • 20 inch linking cable
  • Optional accessory kit
  • Optional palm support
  • 8 programmable hotkeys
  • Plug-and-play technology
  • 0 degree keyboard slope
  • US Keyboard Layout


Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 32 x 394 x 184
Weight (kg) 1.18
Shape (Standard/Split/Numeric Only) Split
MAC Compatible (Y/N) Y
Cordless (Y/N) N
Cable Length (mm) 1829
Linking Cable Max Length (mm) 546
Connectivity USB
Macros Up to 24
Hotkeys Y
Keyboard slope (degree max) 0
Keyboard Layout US

What our customers say

"Have tried a couple of other mice, looking for a vertical alignment. Some too big, or too small, or too heavy but this is so adaptable with changing angles and thumb position, I thought it would be a good one to try. Have had it a week, and having simply plugged it in (to my Mac), I have have found it really easy to use. I managed to adapt it to my needs with big hands, and need to lift and scroll (for CAD work) - so although the easing of the RSI situation will only be none in the long run (I'm not ready to stop work!), I am well satisfied."

Anonymous on the Contour Unimouse

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