Floor-standing and Desk-Mounted Protection Screen

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A selection of floor-standing and desk-mounted protection screens in a wide range of standard sizes. This manufacturer also specialises in bespoke adaptations and can offer non-standard sizes and fixings to fit your existing screen structures.


Whether you have an existing screen system that needs extending or a clear space that needs a new installation, we can meet your exact needs with a choice of base formats and agile manufacturing.

  • Framed or frameless
  • Self-supporting or attach to your existing system
  • Standard sizes or bespoke design in mm increments
  • Clear (glass or vinyl) or healthcare grade vinyl covering


For vinyl covering, we recommend Camira Vita for anti-microbial/anti-fungal (AATCC 147) and bleach-cleanable (ISO 105 E03) practicality


Standard widths 800 – 1000 – 1200 – 1400 – 1600 – 1800
Standard desktop heights 300 - 400 – 500 – 600 – 700 
Standard floor-standing heights 1400 - 1600 - 1800
Materials Acrylic, glass or vinyl-covered
Styles Framed & frameless


What our customers say

"The range of height adjustments available provides a flexible option for shorter and taller users alike and makes it a longer-term proposition . Very quick and simple to adjust this is ideal when the workspace needs to be used by a range of people at a time as is the case in our Physiotherapy clinic. Superb product and highly recommended."

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