WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Adaptor

Price £339.00 (Ex VAT)
Monitor Kit:
Optional Installation, Set Up and Training

Select this option to get the most from your purchase. One of our highly trained IST team will deliver the chair, show you what the knobs and levers do, explain good posture and demonstrate how to adjust everything for maximum comfort so that you can do it yourself in future.


WorkFit-T transforms your desk into a height-adjustable workstation allowing you to sit or stand.


The WorkFit-T is an easy sit-stand desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop into a sit-stand workstation. The WorkFit-T offers 38cm of height adjustment and fits within the footprint of the desk on which is is placed. It is extremely stable throughout its range of motion and won't tip or lose height when leant upon. The WorkFit-TL has all of the above features but has a larger keyboard tray and bigger working surface. Additionally, it has an increased load capacity of up to 18kg. The WorkFit-TL will work well in corner-desk configurations as it will fit on surfaces as shallow as 48cm.

Available monitor kits include:

  • Single Light Duty Monitor Kit
  • Single Heavy Duty Monitor Kit
  • Dual Monitor Kit
  • LCD & Laptop Kit




The WorkFit-T/TL is a height-adjustable monitor and keyboard platform which allows you to sit or stand at your workstation.

  • Converts existing work surface to a sit-stand workstation.
  • Fits within dimensions of existing work surface.
  • Cable management keeps your workstation tidy.
  • Extremely stable.
  • Freestanding: no tools required for setup.
  • Design does not protrude beyond the tabletop.

Optional Extras:

WorkFit-T Single LD Monitor Kit provides 13cm of height adjustment and tilt which also holds monitor sizes up to 24".

WorkFit-T Single HD Monitor Kit offers 13cm of height adjustment and tilt which supports monitor sizes up to 30".

WorkFit-T Dual Monitor Kit provides 13cm of height adjustment and supports dual monitors with sizes up to 24" each.

WorkFit-T LCD & Laptop Kit holds laptop and monitors up to 24" with 30° tilt.


Part Number ERGOT-T | ERGOT T-TL
Instant Height Adjustment (Y/N) Y
Suitable For One Or More Screens (Y/N/O) Y
Cable Management (Y/N) Y



Weight Capacity (Work Surface) 4.5 - 15.9kg 4.5 - 18kg
Work Surface Size (WxD) 889 x 586mm 950 x 586mm
KB Platform Size (WxD) 629 x 235mm 690 x 280
Height Adjustment 381mm 380


What our customers say

"Today Kevin visited me in Eastbourne, to set up a height adjusting desk, footstall, keyboard stand, mouse and chair. I just wanted to say how patient, and caring he was. He really helped me and I think he should be commended on how friendly, polite, informative and down to earth he was. Thank you Kevin and Ergonomics."

Lydia Harris, Student

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