Aircharge Surface Charger

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aircharge® products are designed to charge smartphones (including iPhone 8 and later) and other portable devices wirelessly using Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) inductive charging technology. Charging units can be portable, surface mounted or embedded in any surface at work or home. The most popular versions are designed to fit standard 80mm desk grommets. Installation is very simple and products are available in a choice of finishes.

The aircharge® portfolio is growing all the time. We can also embed aircharge® chargers into other products such as desks, monitor arms and lamps. For further information, please contact the Customer Service team.

*Wirelessly charges smartphones using Qi technology. Available in a choice of finishes.


Aircharge Slimline TX Travel Pad is supplied in white as standard.


  • Fits in to 80mm hole in worksurface
  • Can be secured to underside of work surface using steel plate and screws provided
  • Fits to a range of desk thicknesses (18mm - 50mm)
  • USB power cable allows multiple units to be connected to hub
  • Soft rubber ring to place phone / device on
  • Qi certified - supports all Qi compatible devices and Aircharge accessories


Part Number AIRC-SC
Power Cable
  2m USB
  DC 5V, 1500mA
  100 - 200kHz


What our customers say

"Have tried a couple of other mice, looking for a vertical alignment. Some too big, or too small, or too heavy but this is so adaptable with changing angles and thumb position, I thought it would be a good one to try. Have had it a week, and having simply plugged it in (to my Mac), I have have found it really easy to use. I managed to adapt it to my needs with big hands, and need to lift and scroll (for CAD work) - so although the easing of the RSI situation will only be none in the long run (I'm not ready to stop work!), I am well satisfied."

Anonymous on the Contour Unimouse

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