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The RollerMouse Free3 offers high accuracy, with 10 dpi speeds ranging from 600 to 2800 and an advanced sensor for more precise cursor movements, making it ideal for use with multi-screen workstations. It has 7 programmable buttons, including copy, paste, back and forward. These buttons reduce the need to reach the keyboard as often in order to carry out common tasks. The Free3 also has an integrated wrist rest for increased comfort and an aluminium base for improved durability. It is available in either wireless or wired versions.


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  • Full-width rollerbar for ambidextrous use.
  • Integrated wrist rest for increased comfort.
  • 7 programmable buttons including double click, copy, paste, back and forward.
  • 10 speeds ranging from 600 to 2800 dpi.
  • Advanced sensor underneath the rollerbar for more precise cursor movements.
  • Aluminium base for increased durability.
  • Ideal for multi-screen workstations.
  • Available in wireless and wired versions.
  • RollerMouse Free3 and Balance Keyboard kit available.

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Part Number


Rechargeable N
Programmable Buttons (Quantity) 7
Suitable For Detailed Work Y
Gripless Use N


Part Number CMROFRE3BL
Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 25x120x490
Weight (kg) 0.68
Type (Mouse/Trackball/Touchpad/Rollerbar) Rollerbar
MAC Compatible Y
Cordless  O
Sensor Type Twin-eye laser
Suitable for which hand (Right/Left/Ambidextrous)


Setup required (Plug and Play/Requires Disk) Plug and Play

What our customers say

"Have tried a couple of other mice, looking for a vertical alignment. Some too big, or too small, or too heavy but this is so adaptable with changing angles and thumb position, I thought it would be a good one to try. Have had it a week, and having simply plugged it in (to my Mac), I have have found it really easy to use. I managed to adapt it to my needs with big hands, and need to lift and scroll (for CAD work) - so although the easing of the RSI situation will only be none in the long run (I'm not ready to stop work!), I am well satisfied."

Anonymous on the Contour Unimouse

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