Adapt 600 Chair

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This chair comes with lumbar support and seat slide as standard.

Some images may include optional extras. See options below.

Price £590.00 (Ex VAT)
Neck options:
Seat modification:
Custom size (specify in cm):
Optional Installation, Set Up and Training

Select this option to get the most from your purchase. One of our highly trained IST team will deliver the chair, show you what the knobs and levers do, explain good posture and demonstrate how to adjust everything for maximum comfort so that you can do it yourself in future.


Adapt 600 Range - A Bespoke Chair solution

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A correctly fitting office chair can contribute to preventing and / or managing musculoskeletal disorders. For people with existing conditions and pain such as neck strain and thoracic pain, lumbar and lower back pain, sacral and coccyx issues or sit bones pressure discomfort,  the right support is essential. A bespoke chair with targeted modifications can be the perfect solution for healthy and comfortable sitting.

The Adapt 600 chair range offers a made-to-measure solution with unparalleled flexibility at a very competitive price. All chairs within the Adapt range can be customised both in chair dimension and with adaptations that support postural or disability requirements.

Four backrest and three seat template options provide the starting point with further adaptations available to suit. As standard, all chairs come with independent seat-tilt and back-angle adjustment, lumbar support, memory foam seat and back-height and seat-depth adjustment (link to chair features and benefits)

Following are the basic adaptations that can be made to an Adapt chair. Many more specialist combinations are available, but are not all shown on our website. To further customize your chair or discuss your specific requirements, please call customer service.


All chairs come with independent seat-tilt and back-angle adjustment, lumbar support, memory foam seat and back-height and seat-depth adjustment as standard.


Backrests can be cut to fit your exact seated height and perfect contouring with built-in adjustability can be created, using a combination of air-cells and foam sculpting.



Seats can be cut to fit you in all the right places and, as with the backrest, air-cell and foam modifications are available to offer a fully-tailored solution, giving you unlimited levels of seat customisations.


Neck Supports

To enhance your comfort levels the Adapt 600 Range offers a range of head and neck supports with a variety of pad shapes and sizes. All supports are adjustable in height and angle and move and articulate in different ways to provide an option to suit everyone.



The arm rest options have been created to give the best possible level of adjustability and function. All arm rests are height, width and depth adjustable with many of them offering custom-made arm rest pads to suit specific sizes and shapes


Gas lifts

A wide range of Gas lift heights is available to achieve optimum seat height not only for your physical dimensions but also for the height of the work surface you use.


Anti-swivel and lock

These options provide flexibility in deciding the way your chair base locks, the way it functions and finding a place to rest feet.  



These can affect how your chair moves. In addition to the standard optimum ‘roll’, options for hard floors as well as brake-loaded and brake-unloaded choices are available.


Chair Mechanisms

A wide choice of options including a free-float function for dynamic sitting or adjustable body weight tension are available.


To find your best fitting chair, see Specification.



  Seat Depth Seat Width Back Height Back Width
Adapt 610 440 - 500 480 400 - 450 480
Adapt 620 440 - 500 480 450 - 500 460
Adapt 630 440 - 500 480 560 - 620 460
Adapt 640 470 - 520 480 400 - 450 460
Adapt 650 470 - 530 510 450 - 500 460
Adapt 660 470 - 530 510 560 - 620 460
Adapt 680 580 - 640 600 600 - 650 510

What our customers say

"I bought this keyboard on advice from an ergonomist during some training, so glad I did. It is very comfortable to use. As per the previous review it takes a short while to get used to the difference in the layout, but once you do it is very easy to use, just a very light touch needed on the keys rather than needing to bang on them really hard. I did buy the separate number pad, but I have yet to use it, considering sending it back as I'm not sure I will need it. If the keyboard is anything to go by it'll be brilliant for those that need a number input device."

Anonymous on the Skboard 840 Saturnus Mini Keyboard

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