Muvman chair

Price £294.00 (Ex VAT)
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Optional Installation, Set Up and Training

Select this option to get the most from your purchase. One of our highly trained IST team will deliver the chair, show you what the knobs and levers do, explain good posture and demonstrate how to adjust everything for maximum comfort so that you can do it yourself in future.


The Muvman is the first active seat for standing/sitting whose well-designed ergonomics not only counteracts impairments to health, but also actively boosts productivity through an optimised workplace configuration. This is made possible by the patented movable joint in the baseplate, which adapts the tilt angle of the spring strut automatically to the posture and movement of the user. A new benchmark is also set for standing/sitting by the continuously adjustable height and the innovative seat for optimum sitting comfort without pressure points and by the inherent stability of the Muvman.


  • A height adjustable perching stool that gently tilts as you move
  • Easy-touch buttons to adjust the height according to your needs and activities
  • Comfortable, soft seat with anti-pressure point design
  • Stable baseplate suitable for all types of floor
  • Lightweight and portable, with integrated carrying handle
  • Suitable for use with sit-stand desks, for standing workers and as interval seating for machine operators


Part Number AE-MUVMAN
Synchronous Mechanism (pelvic angle) (Y/N/O)  
Asynchronous Mechanism (Multi Tilt) (Y/N/O)  
Free Float (Rocking) Feature (Y/N/O)  
Independent Seat Tilt Adjustment (Y/N/O)  
Independent Back Angle Adjustment (Y/N/O) N
Seat Slide (Y/N/O) N
Adjustable Lumbar Support (Y/N/O) N
Pelvic Support (Y/N/O)  
Height Adjustable Arm Rests (Y/N/O) N
Width Adjustable Arm Rests (Y/N/O) N
Depth Adjustable Arm Rests (Y/N/O)  
Independently Adjustable Head Rest (Y/N/O) N
Independently Adjustable Neck Rest (Y/N/O) N


Suitable for Clean Room (Y/N/O) N
ESD (Anti Static) Available (Y/N/O) N
Suitable for 24 Hour Use (Y/N/O) N



Part Number AE-MUVMAN
Chair Weight (kg) 6.4
Seat Height Adjustment (Y/N/O) Y
Maximum Weight (Stone/kg)
  120kg - 19 Stone
Seat Depth (mm) 320
Seat Height (mm)
Seat Width (mm) 330


What our customers say

"Fantastic desk such sublime innovation. Very useful and a huge compliment with the Spira plus chair."

daical on the Motus 3000 Sit-Stand Workstation

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