06/08/20 Phase 4: The Future

In our previous webinar, we looked at the Three Phases of Workforce Accommodation.

The post-lockdown workplace will be very different.

  • What is a Worknet?
  • How do you manage it?
  • What are the issues in managing a dispersed workforce?
  • How do you maintain the physical, mental and lifestyle health of your personnel?
  • How do you sustain communications and interactions to suit all character types?

In this short webinar, Guy Osmond explores these and other questions and proposes a strategy to tackle them.

You can get further background about this webinar from our blog with the same title.

Date: 6th August 2020

Trainer: Guy Osmond

Times: 15:00 - 15:50

Phase 4: The Future

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What our customers say

"Really enjoyed input & found it very useful for my role as a physiotherapist in offering advice to clients. Thank you." 

ATH of Dorset on the Do you want to be an assessor? course

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