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Ergonomic Keyboards and Mini Keyboards, etc:

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Our Range Of Ergonomic Keyboards

Saturnus Mini Keyboard
Saturnus mini keyboard designed by an ergonomist and Saturnus numeric keypad & calculator.
Bluetooth Mini Keybaord. The Mboard 870  is a compact keyboard that can be connected to up to 8 devices
Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard adapts to the specific needs of each user.
Kinesis Freestyle2 Bluetooth Keyboard adapts to the specific needs of each user and can connect up to 3 devices.
CIT Mini Keyboard
CIT Mini USB Keyboard
Price: £21.95 (£26.34 Inc VAT)
Sophisticated design to address the needs of touch-typists with musculo-skeletal problems.



Minimus-x Keyboard and mouse
Price: £49.99 (£59.99 Inc VAT)
KIN-FS-VIP3 15 Degree Tent
Kinesis VIP3 Accessory Kit - without the Solo Keyboard.
Logitech tablet keyboard Ipad 2 li
Logitech tablet keyboard for iPad and iPad 2
Price: £41.65 (£49.98 Inc VAT)
targus numeric keypad140px
External USB number pad
Price: £14.45 (£17.34 Inc VAT)
Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard in black
Goldtouch Adjustable Split Keyboard, can be split both horizontal and vertically to achieve the most personally comfortable position possible.
Portable adjustable split keyboard.


Price: £169.00 (£202.80 Inc VAT)
Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard
Stylish ergonomic keyboard with gentle slope to encourage a more natural hand, wrist & forearm position.
Price: £37.95 (£45.54 Inc VAT)
Cherry Mini Keyboard
Cherry Mini Keyboard & Numeric Keypad.
Fujitsu Siemens Butterfly Keyboard
Split keyboard with variable split and height adjustment.



Price: £106.95 (£128.34 Inc VAT)
HiVis 260 Keyboard
HiVis 260 Keyboard offers a stunning high-contrast, yellow font/black background alternative to standard keyboards.
Price: £36.00 (£43.20 Inc VAT)
Monster Large Key keyboard
The Monster keyboard with large, high contrast keys is ideal for users with visual impairments and as an entry level keyboard for children.



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