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Arm Supports and Wrist Rests

11 Keyboard and Mouse Supports


PUK Wrist Rest Support

Puk Wrist Support designed for mouse use but also suitable for keyboard use (available in blue only).
Price: £5.95 (£7.14 Inc VAT)
Handy Forearm suppport
"Handy" provides support for the forearms, not just the wrists.
Price: £81.95 (£98.34 Inc VAT)
ergorest arm wrist supportli
A variable arm rest which attaches to the front of the desk. Suitable for left or right arm (or both).
Ergorest Mouse Pad LI 140x140
Suitable for left or right-handed use. Support is provided away from the wrist to avoid any pressure points in sensitive areas.
gliding palm support li

Relieves wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Price: £26.80 (£32.16 Inc VAT)
Gel Adjustable wristrest
Gel Wristrest helps to maintain neutral wrist position.
Price: £31.25 (£37.50 Inc VAT)
Imak Mouse and Keyboard Wrist Rest Cushions
Ergobead™ filled wrist supports for use with keyboards and mice.
GEL Mouse Pad
Gel Mouse Pad Helps to maintain neutral wrist position. Rubber feet for protection of the desk.
Price: £21.25 (£25.50 Inc VAT)
3M Gel Filled Wristrest - Keyboard Mouse
Combined keyboard wrist support & mouse rest.
Price: £94.50 (£113.40 Inc VAT)
3M Gel Filled Wristrest - Mouse
Gel filled mouse wristrest. Precise surface for improved tracking.


Price: £51.17 (£61.40 Inc VAT)
fellowes Gel Wristrest
A simple gel wrist support for use in front of the keyboard.
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